Modern web experiences for businesses and individuals
—without compromising on performance and the planet.

UPBAZ is a venture studio specialized in circular web development, run by Basile Samel.

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Hard Reset

Future objectives. Where I've been and what I'll be doing.


Climate emergency is the n°1 problem of the century. The Information Technology industry consumes 10% of the world's electricity, while emiting as much CO2 as the aviation industry. With circular web development practices, we can decrease the consumption of most websites and web applications by 10, 100, or more!

Problem: few organizations and individual developers address this problem while taking into account modern ways of designing and writing code. UPBAZ was created to bridge this gap through education, SaaS products, and freelancing services.

How it works

Fullstack web architectures to maximize user experience, energy consumption, and code quality:

  1. Pre-rendering

    Drastically reduces the amount of server processing while increasing loading speed.

  2. Nginx, Caddy

    The fastest highly-configurable web servers and reverse proxies.

  3. Web services

    Switching your programming language from PHP to Rust decreases your energy consumption and processing time by 3000%.

  4. CouchDB + IndexedDB

    Distributed databases enable efficient offline-first web applications, preventing loading times while reducing energy consumption server-side.

  5. Green cloud

    100% renewable energy, no carbon offsetting gimmick.

  6. Content delivery network

    Efficient caching and high security, at your customer's front door.

  7. SvelteJS

    Minimalist Javascript bundles, without abandoning modern user interfaces.

  8. Web workers

    Parallel processing from within the web browser, for near-instant loading times.

  9. Web Assembly

    Top-of-the-line code performance and lightweight packages for even faster applications without leaving the browser.

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